2016: The Year of Cloud Computing

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  • February 16, 2016

While 2015 might be recognized the year when cloud services became the main platform for enterprise applications and data storage, there are a lot of technologies maturing and moving from development and testing to real-world applications. There is still plenty of growth to come in this arena. Here is what we expect to see from cloud computing in 2016:

  1. Companies transitioned to the cloud in droves in 2015. This will continue in 2016 as cloud computing strengthens its growing role in the IT industry. Switching to the cloud allows businesses to take advantage of the flexibility and affordability the service has to offer. Scalability is the most powerful reason for moving to the cloud, especially when you consider the reduced need for on-site hardware as your company grows and changes.
  1. Security remains a major concern for businesses that are utilizing cloud services. As cloud usage increases, the companies who offer these services will place more resources and emphasis on improving security.
  1. Some companies will make the transition to the cloud for security purposes. Considering that the cloud storage market is expected almost triple in the next five years and how prevalent it is becoming, it has become more attractive to many organizations who were wary at first of this new way of doing business.
  1. In 2015, cloud computing concentrated on meeting the IT world’s needs from a network/computer infrastructure perspective. This year will be application-focused, as cloud-native apps become the norm.
  1. Organizations will find that most barriers to entry in using cloud services and fears of the unknown all but disappear. Governments around the world are adjusting their stances to become more cloud friendly, where the last few years were full of regulation and compliance issues. With popularity increasing, cloud providers are working harder to ensure that their services that satisfy legal standards.
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