As a technology company we have heard many reasons why businesses do not like to upgrade their computer systems and many of them are valid.  Below are the three most popular reasons why PC users turn down upgrades.

Reason 1: Old PCs still work for Casual End Users

The staying power of older machines largely contributes to a customer’s resistance to upgrade.  Why would a user want to upgrade when they can still perform tasks with the old machine?  A casual end user can still use it for word processing, browsing the internet, etc.  But what many do not realize that software may become obsolete and new infrastructure (like servers and software) may be incompatible.  With the prices of desktop computers on the downhill, a new higher performing computer may be better to avoid future headaches.

Reason 2: Many Users Prefer what is Familiar

We always like to stick with what we are familiar with but change is good!  Many users are comfortable with the ins and outs of their current software so well that they simply do not want to have to learn the intricacies of a new version.  With many users customizing the taskbar, start menu and desktop shortcuts to their needs, all that time may feel wasted so why undo everything with an upgrade?  Well think of a computer like a car, after many years they break down and unfortunately so do computers, repairs are costly for both cialis en france.  An upgrade may take time to be familiarized with the interface, but in the long run, it will save you time and money.

Reason 3: Updates Cost Money

Unfortunately everything costs money and prices always seem to be going up.  Lack of money can prevent businesses from updating and sometimes IT budgets can be tight.  We at Interface Technologies know that capital can be a pain point and this is why we work closely with your budget to find cost effective solutions.

Perhaps, you are one to hold out when it comes to upgrading. At the very least, you should stay up-to-date with your security patches; these security upgrades are free and won’t change your workflow. Some upgrades like security patches are critical, there are other upgrades that you can put off and be perfectly fine with, but when it comes to security updates are always advised.

As an IT company, we respect that budgets do get tight but we can upgrade internal components that may cost less.  If you ever reach the point where it is critical to upgrade, then we will let you know and make recommendations.

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