The calendar year is winding down and you deserve to start the next year without hindrances for 2014. Here are 6 signs that you probably need an upgrade.

You see any of these graphics anywhere

If you see Windows XP, you need to upgrade

As mentioned in our previous blog posts, XP is no longer supported, any computer that shipped with XP by default was last made in 2010. If the computer is still a relatively new machine then your computer can run Windows 7 or 8 reliably. Otherwise it might be time for an entirely new system that will come with an operating system made in the least 10 years.

You can brew a pot of coffee before your system boots

If you can brew a pot of coffee before booting a pc: you need an upgrade

If you can drip a pot of coffee faster than you can boot your computer and check your e-mail at the start of the day then you probably need to upgrade. A new machine is likely in order with a faster CPU, ram and hard drive. This doesn’t count if you’re using instant coffee.

Loud/Strange Noises

If your machine is making loud noises: you need an upgrade

We’re not talking ghastly noises and whispers. Computers are expected to generate some noise: the whirring of the fans and the clicking of a hard drive. If your computer sounds like jet engine or if it makes grinding noises then it’s likely something is very wrong with that machine.

You can run longer than your laptops battery life

You can run longer than your battery

Unless you’re a seasoned marathon runner (if you are then kudos to you), your laptop should be able to outrun you. Most modern standard laptops have a battery life of at least 3 hours, with some laptops ranging up to 10 hours. If you’re always on the hunt for an outlet when you’re on the go then it’s likely time for a new laptop or a replacement battery.

You can work out with your laptop

You can work out with your laptop

You shouldn’t feel winded after travelling with your laptop. While there are specific uses for carrying large and heavy laptops we believe the majority of heavy laptop users are suffering for no reason. Modern laptops can weigh only a few pounds!

Your computer still has a floppy disk

Your computer has a floppy disk drive

Not much needs to be said here, the floppy disk was introduced in the 1970s. Any computer that still sports one of these antique devices is likely not running up to modern standards.

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