Is your business disaster proof?

Picture by Roozbeh Rokni

[dropcap type=”circle” color=”white” background=”green”]T[/dropcap] his week much of Toronto faced record-setting rains that flooded several areas of the city and leaving large sections of the city without power. The cost of floods are reported to likely exceed $600-million.

In the case of these disastrous events as a business; is your business ready for disasters? Here are some tips to help disaster proof your technology in the case of water or fire:


  • Having backups for all your company data is essential for keeping your business running in the event of a disaster. Local backups should be stored in fire-proof, water-proof and crush-proof containers such as SentrySafe’s file cabinets.
  • Remote backups are another way of ensuring that your data stays safe in the event of disasters. Datacentres are hardened the weather floods, fires and hurricanes. Another layer of security is to ensure your remote backups are in a different geographic region to where your office is.
  • Diversify your back up methods; keeping a tape backup, hard drive backup and remote backup will provide an additional layer of security in the event of disasters vente cialis france.


  • Having servers in the cloud or virtually co-locating them to a datacentre ensures that your hardware doesn’t go down with your office in the case of a disaster. Your business can access server resources from anywhere.
  • Replicating your in-house server to a backup can also ensure that your server will be restorable.

Bring your own device

  • Diversifying your risk by allowing utilizing a bring your own device strategy will allow your employees to get your office running again by bringing their own hardware in the case your office hardware is compromised.


  • Having a hosted VoIP service means your business telephone numbers are de-centralized and can be re-routed to where your business can answer outside of the office as long as you have electricity and internet elsewhere.


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