Steve Ciniello, Marketing Intern

Overview of cloud computing and the issue of security

Many organizations have begun shifting away from traditional on-site data storage, opting for web-based storage with the introduction of the cloud. Cloud-based services provide businesses with a pay-as-you-go service which allows them to pay only for what they use, providing them server resources without having to invest in physical hardware. Switching to the cloud allows businesses to take advantage of the flexibility, availability and affordability the service has to offer. Despite the many benefits, some businesses may be concerned with possible security risks and want to ensure their important files and documents are safe.

Security and Privacy Concerns with Cloud based computing     

According to the Cloud Security Spotlight Report, 90 per cent of organizations have security concerns in regards to cloud computing. Security is the leading factor preventing organizations from adopting the service. Businesses are concerned about cloud security and it is crucial that their data and other assets are secure. Cloud-based computing providers must address these concerns in order for reluctant businesses to adopt the cloud.

Cloud-based service providers have the following security advantages:

  • Cloud homogeneity to make security testing convenient and simple
  • Redundancy and disaster recovery in case of accidental of data loss or theft
  • Automated security management
  • Reduce exposure of internal sensitive data by shifting public data to the cloud
  • Virus filtering
  • Specialized protection for audio and video files


Many service providers, such as Interface Technologies, provide 24x7x365 security, fibre connectivity and proper cooling systems to ensure that all your data is safe and secure. The standard security model of managing user authentication and personalized authorization is enabled to prevent security breaches and to properly manage information. There are concerns of data exposure to foreign entities, such as how information is stored according to domestic and international privacy legislations.


To ensure business and privacy needs are met, always discuss the needs of your business with your cloud provider to ensure that appropriate measures are put in place. Overall, in order to increase adoption of cloud-based technology, service providers must communicate the strengths of existing security and safeguards to address growing security concerns.

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