Signs You Need to Modernize Your Backup and Recovery Solution

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  • May 16, 2016

The data protection market has changed significantly over the past decade. There has been a fundamental shift away from taping a backup and recovery solution to using cloud-based backup services. Nowadays, critical for any business data protection, rapid data growth, new strategic initiatives such as virtualization, compliance and legacy backup methods simply don’t meet the demands of today’s modern data centre. It doesn’t matter if you just want to buy weed online for marijuana tours or run a business, your data need to be protected.

Check the list below – it’s time to re-evaluate and modernize your data protection approach.

    1. Your backup window doesn’t fit to you anymore: If you are seeing your backup window continue to shrink or you can’t complete backups within your backup window, you are at great risk. This is a clear sign that it is time to modernize your data protection approach.
    2. You have a number of point backup tools that are hard to manage: As infrastructure grows, your company purchases lots of point backup products that consume hours of management time. A modern data protection approach can streamline backup and recovery in a single solution that is optimized to support every application environment.

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  1. Your endpoint data isn’t being protected: If your endpoint data protection isn’t currently included in our backup and recovery strategy, it’s time to consider a more modern data protection solution.
  2. Your storage resources aren’t optimized: Your backup and recovery solutions have to optimize your existing storage hardware. It helps to avoid the cost of building or upgrading a data center.
  3. Your backup solution doesn’t support the cloud: The cloud can deliver a great deal of value for organizations from any industry. Don’t limit your future options! Use backup and recovery solutions that support data protection, transport and retention across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure in a single solution.

If you feel that your backup system is behind the times call us for an IT consultation. We will help you review and determine your backup and recovery needs and offer a more modern approach.

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