Best Affordable Last-Minute Gifts for the Holidays!

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  • December 17, 2018
person holding small wrapped christmas gift. Text reads Affordable, Last-Minute Tech Gifts fo 2018!

We know you’ve been running around the past few weeks looking for gifts. We know you care a lot- but sometimes life gets a little busy, and they turn into last-minute gifts.

We want to help you by providing you with a list of the hottest, most affordable last-minute tech gifts available in 2018!



1. Tile Mate

persons hand holding tile pro next to keychain

Either you know someone, or you are that loved one that constantly loses their keys. The Tile Pro is a new tool on the market to help track your keys. For a last-minute gift, this a huge time-saver and de-stresser. No more being late to work because you couldn’t find your keys. Tile Pro allows you to attach a small device to your keychain that can be easily tracked. You can ‘call’ your keychain, and there are models that not only make noise, but also produce light when called. They won’t forget how awesome you are with this last-minute gift; not when it helps them this much throughout their day!

Find it here.



2. Electric Wine Opener

image of electric wine opener

Struggling with old-school manually operated wine-openers is a thing of the past. This electric wine-opener will save time and stress for the wine-lover in your life. This gift is particularly nice for the elderly or those who have issues with hand-mobility or utility. Not to mention, it is also a pretty cool party trick!

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3. Smart Plugs

pack of smart plugs

Google’s Alexa and the Amazon Echo are taking the market on by storm. Now some of the most popular smart home devices, you may not be able to use them as a go-to gift this year. Luckily, they have introduced many other awesome accessories to improve your smart home experience. Smart Plugs, available in many electronic stores, are an amazing invention. They connect with your smart home device and can be therefore controlled by voice. This is a very cool gift for anyone, however it does have a particularly pleasant affect on the lives of elderly, visually impaired or physically handicapped loved ones.

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4. Wireless Charger

persons hand holding smart phone above wireless charging pad

Finnicky phone cables have been a nuisance for years- ever since the days of the rotary phone. One of the coolest new inventions out there is the wireless phone charger. Most models are actually compatible with Android as well as iOS. They are capable of charging tablets as well as phones. Makes it much easier to simply place the phone down, and pick it up whenever you need it without wrestling with the cables or tiny charging ports. These fancy new charging docks are not anywhere as expensive as you might think, and they are widely available- making them the perfect last-minute gift for the holidays!

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5. Wireless BlueTooth Waterproof Speaker

wireless blue and orange waterproof speaker

Everyone likes to sing in the shower, whether they admit or not. This wireless bluetooth speaker isn’t meant for a big house party, but it’s definitely suitable for a shower-performer! It’s waterproof technology allows it to be soaked while still pumping out great tunes. Readily available in electronic stores, this speaker makes for an excellent last-minute gift for the 2018 holidays!

Find it here.



We hope this short list spurs some fantastic ideas for holiday gifts this season. Don’t let the daunting feeling of last-minute shopping override your thought process. These tech gifts are useful, innovative, thoughtful, and best of all: readily available last-minute!


Happy Holidays! 

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