VoIP (IP Telephones) add a lot of value to any office telecommunications system.  Businesses who take advantage of VoIP because it improves the way they communicate inside and outside the office.  VoIP technology has gone a long way and progressively moves alongside technology.

They are many reasons why VoIP is the better solution for Toronto businesses.

  1. Cost Savings – This is everyone’s favourite, so let’s start here. Want to save some real money, especially if you do a lot of long distance calling? VoIP can significantly reduce the amount you spend each month on phone services.
  2. Take it Anywhere – If you or your staff work from home or on the road, a VoIP handset has the ability to plug into any network (some can even utilize USB for even more flexibility) and act like it were sitting on the desk in the office. It utilizes the same phone number, can access voice mail, and perform actions just like it would in the office.
  3. Less Complexity – VoIP phone systems have come a long way, and it makes it real easy to set up extensions, forwarding, voice mail inboxes, and even have it forward voice mails to email. These features have been possible for a long time, but VoIP makes managing it faster and easier (and cheaper!)
  4. Flexibility – You can make calls from other devices such as a computer or smartphone.
  5. Collaboration – If you run multiple offices (or even if you don’t), VoIP makes collaboration easy. VoIP combines well with online screen sharing and video conferencing.
  6. Scalability – When you expand while using traditional phone technology, you need to run a separate line specifically for phones. VoIP can transfer across your existing network lines, often without needing to run new lines. Some VoIP systems even work on Wi-Fi for even more flexibility.
  7. Reporting – VoIP systems can perform all of the tasks that the most luxurious traditional phone systems can. Monitor and record calls, run reports, track call times, and much more.
  8. Keep your number – With VoIP you can keep your current telephone number and take that number wherever you may go.  Since VoIP is a mobile and portable, you can move your telephone number to anyone who is a carrier like Interface Technologies.

The VoIP solution offered by Interface Technologies can be customized to suit the needs of your business.  With VoIP your company can move ahead and improve communications.  If you are uncertain if VoIP is a better solution for you, please contact us for a consultation.

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