If you don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to cleaning Ubuntu, these next few lines should help you out. First of all, stay away from cleaning apps such as Belachbit. These apps tends to pose a high degree of danger when used especially by inexperienced people and they can eventually cause damage to the system. We are talking about damage that can no longer be fixed.

Ubuntu Does Not Require Defragmentation

Due to the fact that Ubuntu does not tend to get polluted a great deal over time, you will not have to spend a lot of time worrying about defragmenting it. It is recommended however to use the Ubuntu software center to clean the updates cache. Install Synaptic Package Manager by clicking on the grey logo, query: synaptic, then click on Synaptic Package Manager. Go to Settings, click Preferences then Files and put the dot at delete downloaded packages after installation. Hit the Delete cached package files button once you are ready and you are all done. It is also best to remove all of the remains of the software that you have uninstalled. If you used to play all sorts of games on your computer and you have uninstalled them and chosen to solely try your luck at the Powerballs games online, here is what you need to do. While still in Synaptic Package Manager, go to the lower left corner of the window and click on Status. Then go to the upper left corner and click the not installed (residual configuration) line. Select all of the shown packages in order to completely remove the desired software remains and hit the Apply button. It is also a good idea to clear the thumbnail cache. Do it every 6 months or so for optimal results. Click on the Ubuntu logo, query: terminal, click on Terminal, then type rm -f ~/.cache/thumbnails/normal/* and hit Enter.


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