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Data is one of your business’s most valuable assets. Would your company be able to bounce back from a massive data loss? Your data is too important to leave things to chance by completing backups that are irregular, on-site and not secure. Our cloud backup solution is redundant, stored in Canada’s premier data centre and can be restored instantly.

Why use our backup?

Speed – Backups are replicated to our data centre at 151 Front Street West. Known as one of the most secure data centres in North America, its proximity to your office means you can access files very quickly.

Comprehensive – Unlike other backup solutions, ours is comprehensive and compatible with all types of data and operating environments. We will ensure all your data is backed up, at all times.

Ease of Use – Our backup solutions are intuitive enough for most users to handle a quick backup or restore function when needed but we are happy to manage your backup service. We will help you retrieve any files you need, right when you need them.

Custom Solutions – Our backup solutions are can be configured so that you only pay for the backup you need, not wasted space.


Our cloud servers are hosted at Canada’s most secure data centre. Our monitoring systems hook deep into the server to track all running services, network activity and CPU activity. This monitoring helps us to quickly determine the source of the problem in the event of a server issue.


Managed Service – We provide our hosting clients with the highest level of service and support for their servers and data. By hosting servers with us, you are able to leave the day-to-day administration, maintenance and upgrades of  hardware and software to our team of professionals. We monitor server status and connectivity in real-time within our Network Operations Center and respond immediately to resolve any problems and mitigate downtime.

Data Storage – Clients with colocated and managed servers have the option to leverage our mass data storage infrastructure, allowing for virtually unlimited storage in a highly secure and fully redundant environment.

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