Mitigating Risk by Embracing Cloud Technology

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  • July 26, 2016

Switching to the Cloud technology allows businesses to take advantage of the flexibility, availability and affordability the service has to offer. Indeed, this technology guarantees that setting up a cloud network is fast and software is always up to date.

Moreover, cloud-based technologies help boost productivity and lower financial costs – ensuring a more efficient and seamless process in your IT operations. For example, there are specific advantages for the financial industry such as faster payment, reporting and reconciliation processes. Additionally, it refines workflow routine such as quickly exchanging files and transactions both internally and externally. Using the cloud is more data compliant than that of hosted third-party services. There is no longer a need for Enterprises to worry about managing all their files on multiple hard drives.

According to Telus and the International Data Corporation’s cloud study paper, 250 business and IT leaders from big Canadian companies reported that 81 per cent of them decreased their IT spending using a cloud network technologies . Almost half of them were able to reduce their IT costs by 10% or more.

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