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Custom Software is a Leading Trend that has Emerged in the Business world over the past decade.


Customized Mobile Apps and Custom Software can flip your business around. This is because they are focused on improving your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. Your CRM is integral to your business’ growth and success. If you leave your CRM unchecked for too long, you could see slowed growth, or even a drop in sales or clients. Without proper data collection, analyses, and reaction, your business can suffer. Unfortunately, the popular belief is that these types of customized software are too expensive for small to mid-size businesses. This is simply not true.

The secret to Custom Software development, is that it is actually quite affordable- it all depends what you’re looking for.


Why Do You Need Custom Software or Custom App Development Services?


Client Acquisition: Understanding Your Database

Customized apps and software provide a hub of organized information. They are data-driven and easy-to-use. They are made for internal use, but can also cater to customer or client needs. The key is, we understand your business. We are not just a provider, or software developer. We are business gurus that want to see you grow alongside us. Call us at 416-363-9880 to schedule a consultation. You can also email us at support@interface.ca. We will examine your business needs, and compile a perfect, affordable, custom tech plan just for you.


Customer & Employee Relationships: Satisfaction, Retention & Loyalty

CRM is becoming more of an expectation in today’s business environment. Personalized software is directly tailored to your business needs. Customers expect businesses to remember basic information about their past with your company. As a result, your firm should be prepared to handle these expectations.

For example: A customer walks in asking for the typical member discount, however, they have lost their card. Your employee should be able to easily find their information and offer stellar customer service. The problem here is, everything from having slow internet connection to poor software can ruin this experience for the customer. Slow service, or even a lack of service (turning them away because you don’t have a database of accessible, organized information), annoys everyone involved. Customers get upset with employees: This can cause lowered morale overall.


It’s All About the End Game: Long-Term Growth and Scalability

You don’t want to purchase the cheapest tech if you predict growth for your company in 2019. You do want to talk to IT professionals, and get a FREE Consultation. Have them come into your office; if they don’t want to, it’s probably because they don’t care about your business’ success enough. We won’t make you sign contracts, and we definitely have NO HIDDEN FEES. Tech companies that don’t care to educate or build a personal relationship with their clients often try to take advantage. Be careful when you sign that dotted line!


Many business fail to address their future from the start. If you don’t plan for growth, how will you grow?


Interface Technologies is an all around managed IT services company located in Toronto, Ontario. With over 35 years of experience, we’ve seen it all. As a result, we know how important scalability is for long-term success. Only professionals can create a well-developed infrastructure that meets the needs of the future. We stay on top of your business tech, so you can stay on top of your business itself.

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