Cybersecurity: Are You Protected?

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  • December 29, 2016

Safety concept: Opened Padlock on digital background

I’d like to say that we’re now in the digital frontier but the truth is, we’ve BEEN in the digital age for several decades now. The transition seemed gradual so perhaps it wasn’t as easy to take notice – but think about it: online banking, online shopping, online dating, online food ordering – you can virtually (pun intended) do almost anything from the comfort of your own home. So why should cyber security be any different?

I recently got a new smart phone and as seemingly easy as the transition should have been (because it was from one Apple product to another), it made me realize just how much I depend on my phone. I use it for banking, e-mails (personal and work), conversation, social media, etc. and I’m not the only one. Most people are almost always connected in one way or another – making us all susceptible to having our privacy and information breached.

It has long been the case that information is power and some people have become very privy in accessing seemingly secure data. If you cover your pin pad when purchasing something in fear of others seeing, then why wouldn’t you protect yourself online? Many sites don’t hide the fact that they collect information on what and how you use the internet; mostly, it’s for research purposes – but if that information can so easily be collected WITH your knowledge, then imagine what that information will cost to the people who want to acquire it criminally. To take it a step further, what happens when even your anti-virus software can’t detect the threats coming your way?

2017 will be an enlightening year for all of us in learning more about what drives our businesses and where we might consider “trimming the fat”. Cyber attacks are both time and fiscally consuming – in some cases, deeming a business inoperable. It’s also extremely preventable. There are several necessary steps to ensuring this does not happen to your business: education, vulnerability assessment & penetration testing, industry-standard anti-virus software and more education.

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