Educational Holiday Tech Gifts for Children

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  • December 17, 2018
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5 Amazing Tech Gifts Meant to Educate Kids

1. mBot: The Toy that Teaches Kids How to Build their own Robot and Program it!

The first one on our list of educational techie gifts for children is a one of a kind toy on the market today. The toy arrives in many parts:

There are endless educational opportunities with the mBot. With everything from hardware to programming lessons, this gift is a must-have for future techies-to-be.

Not only does your child learn about the various components that go into building such a smart device, they get to learn how to put the parts together. This toy focuses on improving logical thinking and creativity. using an innovative, hands-on approach to technological learning.

Find the mBOT here.

2. Octopus: The Smart Watch for Smart Kids

OCTOPUS is the first icon-based smart watch specifically for kids.  The time you spend looking for your kid, simply to remind them to brush their teeth, or get ready for their daily activities can be saved. This toy helps teach them the value of time, independence, responsibility and self-discipline. Parents can even receive updates on accomplished tasks, and set up notifications based on their expectations. 

Find the OCTOPUS Smart Watch for Kids here.

3. KANO: Build-Your-Own Computer Kit for Kids

KANO has invented something truly extraordinary and futuristically excellent. This spectacular invention provides children with hours of fun and educational experience. Children learn how to put the computer hardware together, through simple steps and a story, just like LEGO instructions. This toy promotes curiosity, creativity and coding.
Over 700 educational institutions already use KANO products- don’t let your child fall behind- we are in the era of robotics! Kano has designed a variety of computer kits. This means that no matter what your child’s interests are, you will find something suitable for the holidays. 

Find the Kano Computer Kit here.

4. Shifu ORBOOT: Augmented Reality Adventure All Around the World

The Shifu ORBOOT is a smart globe, here to teach children everywhere all about international geography and travel. With the Internet of Things, along with globalization, it is ever more important for youth to comprehend the true size of our planet. This toy is an interactive, augmented reality experienced meant to encourage exploration and worldly knowledge.

Find the Shifu ORBOOT here.

5. Circuit Scribe: Teaches Kids How to Build Their Own Drone!

Circuit Scribe’s Drone-Building kit is a great first-step for children and teens to understand drone technology- which is going to be integral in our future tech-based economy. Considering the average drone costs thousands of dollars, this toy is a wonderful, affordable mini-version providing for a fun experience. In conclusion, children can put the drone together, while simultaneously learning about the engineering and technology that is involved. Best part is, if they crash it- they can rebuild it!

Find the Circuit Scribe DIY drone kit here.

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