Four IT Policies You Need Today

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  • March 31, 2016

IT policies are a set of documents that state how a company plans to operate, control and protect its IT assets. These policies don’t need to run into hundreds of pages or consist of complicated language; they just need to be easily understood by the company’s users and keep IT activity under control. A full and well-documented IT policy makes the working process of staff easier and more effective.

Here are four simple and effective IT policies that should be implemented within your organization if they aren’t already:

1. Data Protection 

Data protection is an important issue for every business. A data protection policy will help your business meet obligations under Canada’s data protection laws. It distinguishes data access permissions to the company’s users based on their seniority level or job requirements. It should also ensure every user in the company understands why data protection is important and this comes to all companies, from the ones that manage data, to a power company that works with solar power as Powertec Solar.

2. Email Use

An acceptable use policy for email clarifies your staff’s responsibilities when using their company email in day-to-day working activities, so they know what is and is not permitted. The main goal of an email policy is security, such as protection against phishing scams. However, it also provides some advice on email etiquette, so you can take this opportunity to educate users on how they should be using email when representing your company.

3. Social Media

If your company uses social media for business, or your staff is permitted to access their personal accounts during working hours, it is important to write a social media policy that provides a framework for how your company uses social media and guidelines for how employees may use their own accounts on company time.

4. BYOD 

A ‘Bring Your Own Device Policy’ is designed to govern the ways in which a company can provide support to tablets, smartphones and PCs owned by employees that are being used for company work. For example, the policy may contain terms such as which web browsers employees should use or which security tools must be implemented on employee owned devices.

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