How Smartphones can help your business

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  • November 5, 2013


Everyone knows the obvious takeaways: smartphones let you call, e-mail and browse the web from anywhere, it’s already a communications superstar but what else can your smart phone do for your business that you may not have realized?

Mobile Payments


Getting money from clients can prove to be very difficult or complicated in the normal operations of business; Smartphones can make this process a lot less painful. Services such as Square allow anyone from your company to collect money via credit card by leveraging their smartphone and a data connection.  Professional service companies can avoid sending invoices and waiting on cheques. Retail companies can save money on PoS hardware.

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There’s an App for that!

Lots of apps!

Many software suites that are commonly used in your office likely have a mobile version app counterpart. These apps will allow your employees to be effective, mobile and in sync with their in-office software. Some examples include the smartphone version of Office allowing you to edit and save documents remotely and on the fly or get the Salesforce app to stay on top of your CRM; these are just some examples of apps that can help you operate your business more smoothly.

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Scheduling and Organization


Have your to-do list on your phone, your computer and everywhere you have internet, to-do apps allow your employees to sync their tasks to the cloud and have them with their phone at all times. These apps allow for greater collaboration as well allowing users to share tasks and track completions if needed. Take a look at apps such as 2DO, Clear, Wunderlist and Things. There are also several apps that allow users to sync into Outlook or Google Calendaring to allow for up to date schedule keeping on the go: Sunrise, Fantastical, Agenda and Canary.

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Note taking

Note taking apps

While the team at Interface will never drop the good ol’ pen and paper it’s hard to ignore the usefulness of digital note taking. By using an app such as Evernote, your office gets access to a fully indexed, searchable and sharable notebook. Did we mention that all these notes are sync’d to the cloud? Your employees can get access to their notes wherever they are, need to find a note you wrote about a specific task, search for it!

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Accounting and Expense Tracking

Don't be like George

Nobody likes carrying around a George Costanza-esque wallet. Get rid of having to hold onto receipts by using receipt scanner apps for both Android and iOS. To pair with mobile receipt scanning there are a suite of accounting apps that let you manage your finances remotely. Popular accounting services and software such as Freshbooks and QuickBooks provide robust mobile options.

Agile Marketing and Social Media


Keep on top of your company’s blog, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn from anywhere. Many digital marketing companies such as Red Rain SEO agree on the importance of keeping an active social media. Most popular blogging platforms including WordPress, BlogSpot, Tumblr and Squarespace have their own apps for mobile. Respond to comments, update blog posts and report on-site with your smartphone! Twitter has a large array of apps that help you manage the company twitter account, some of the better ones are: Tweetbot and Falcon. Facebook’s official app and LinkedIn do a decent job of managing company pages. Making sure your social media is active and up-to-date is important and smartphones should be playing a vital role in that.

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