Internet Connection Goes Down: What Happens to my Business?

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  • December 11, 2018
office filled with employees on laptops and desktops. Text reads What Happens if my Business Loses Internet Connection

Businesses often ask us:

‘What happens if our internet connection goes down?’


The cold, hard truth is… a lot. A lot of not-so-good things will happen. The world today revolves around internet connection. From teens waking up to check their social media, to business owners logging into their email accounts every morning: There are those who use GPS systems to get wherever they are going, and those who Google a service they need.

The key with technology is that it makes our lives easier and more efficient.

You may have a business that erupted prior to the tech era, however it is more than likely your company has to adapt to keep up with the competition. Modern companies are expected to have a certain level of technological assertion within their infrastructure.

Those catering to a younger crowd, especially, need to have their tech in a good place. For example, if a client cannot access Wifi, they are likely to spend less money in the establishment. Depending on what type of business you run, this actually helps deter people from loitering.

Companies often ask us what will happen if their internet connection goes out- here are the answers.

The best way to protect your business is to ensure you have a proper backup system in place. Everything from phone extensions, emails and cell phone numbers are recorded as a part of risk management protocol- when you’re with the right IT company, of course. Internet connection is the lifeblood for a vast majority of businesses. If your internet cuts out, you may face detrimental consequences.

3 Business Failures Resulting from Having Poor Internet Connection


  1. Productivity Decreases

Employees are unable to respond to emails, load files, send attachments, and in in some cases the phones can go down- particularly if you are using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). However, this can be prevented by laying down the proper cabling and preparing proper risk management protocol.

Companies that do not have IT departments often end up having someone pulled away from their actual work to deal with the tech issue. The employee can become frustrated, because he or she is now doing something that isn’t technically part of their job function. This can also negatively impact work performance.

A Gartner survey shows that 62% of small to mid-sized businesses are already using cloud services. Without internet connection, this data is inaccessible, causing a further decrease in productivity.

Studies show that the average employee wastes about one week per year waiting around for the network to respond. Multiply this by the number of employees in the office: a business with 8 employees wastes a combined amount of two months every year!

2. Employee Morale Decreases

Employees generally show up to work with the intention of doing well at their job. If the internet connection is finicky, employees will have a harder time getting their work done in a timely manner. When internet connection is slow, it affects their emotional status, as studies have found that slow internet connection is a number one frustration in many offices. A poll conducted by Delloite found that 38% of workers surveyed get faster internet speeds at home than at work- your business could easily be falling behind because of slow internet connection speeds. Customer service calls take longer, and can even be dropped. Customers then are frustrated with employees. Employees complain to the IT departments, causing internal turmoil. Your business internet connection should empower your employees, not negatively impact them in any way. Check Mavidea’s Employee Morale Scorecard to see how your business stands.

3. Your Business Loses Money

Some businesses will experience a loss of internet connection and employees will simply use their smart phones to respond to emails. However, the vast majority of businesses would be unable to function. If your company accepts payments online, you are definitely going to lose out on potential sales. Your employees will not be able to communicate with each other, or the clientele. An internet outage would be detrimental to your business workflow.

“How much money would my business lose if I lost all connectivity?”

If your company has not considered losses caused by down-time, it’s time to do that now. Let’s say the average cost of an employee is $60 an hour. This includes wages, benefits, and other overhead costs. This is essentially $1 per minute, per employee. Perhaps you have 20 employees, who now cannot work. Therefore, if your business internet connection goes down for 2 hours, you’re looking at a loss of about $2400. Remember- this does not include the loss of potential revenue. It also does not consider the change in customer trust or opinion that may result from an internet outage.

“How can I prevent my business from losing money due to lost internet connection?”

Luckily, we have many ways to help prevent a situation like this from happening to your company. We offer 99.9% uptime, meaning that your business should almost never lose internet connection and functionality. Dual internet connection is the way to go. The recent migration to Office 365, Salesforce, etc. has spurred the need for extra reliable connectivity. An automatic failover is a solution configured for companies that do not want to experience any down-time whatsoever. This is basically a system that allows for a switch to occur. Spo, when one internet connection fails, the other does all the work. This means that the system simply re-routes the traffic through the secondary connection. As a result, your company can continue to operate smoothly.

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