Should you upgrade to Windows 8?For businesses computers are a tool that many cannot operate without.  We saw Windows launch their new operating system, Windows 8.  The design has given some consideration to businesses. Windows 8 includes organization, availability, security and compatibility that allow for a more cohesive operating system.  If you are a business still using Windows XP, keep in mind that the life period of the product is over and it is time to upgrade. 

What makes the latest version of Windows so great is that it is tablet friendly.  Some businesses with remote users can use their tablets anywhere.  Because of the popularity of tablets and their increasing presence in the workforce, Windows 8 offers the ability to run all of your desktop productivity software and line of business applications on a tablet. 

Security has also improved as Microsoft committed itself to its Trustworthy Computing Program where each new version of Windows will introduce new security features.  One of the newest features is the Secure Boot.  It is a very important new security characteristic that replaces the traditional BIOS with a Unified Extensible Firmware Interface.  For those who are not tech savvy, it basically reads the signature of components to detect any tampering.  An example is having a root kit bug on your Windows XP, your security software may not detect it, but with Windows 8, it does and resolves the problem.  Windows 8 basically protects itself a lot better than previous versions of Windows.

When upgrading systems a major concern is compatibility.  Luckily Windows 8 is compatible with other versions of Windows making it easier to transition into, for all of your software you have been using will continue to work.  Since we are on the topic of applications and software, Windows 8 also has a feature called Applocker.  It was introduced with Windows 7 but essentially it controls what applications can be installed on the system.  Administrators can create policies that restrict or allow specific applications from being installed or accessed by users. 

Most are worried that the traditional Windows Start menu is history.  The new user interface does take a while to adapt to but do not fear they are third party applications you can install get your ‘Start’ button back.  Because Microsoft developed Windows 8 to be more tablet friendly, the tile view is prominent.  One advantage to the tile view is that you have a single screen that informs you about the latest emails, appointments, news and other information you have configured.  Luckily ‘Start Menu Replacement’ software available like Power8, Win8 StartButton and Classic Shell are third party applications that you can install onto your Windows 8 pc to get the old fashion look back.

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