Strengthening Cybersecurity: Is Your Industry at Risk?

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  • February 9, 2017


Cybersecurity breaches are among the greatest in the Mining and Finance industries. Over 75 percent of all security attacks target select industries: healthcare, finance and insurance, manufacturing, telecommunication, retail and even part time traders insurance. There is a chance that if your company is among this industries list you have already been breached or targeted for the next attack from cybercriminals. According to a global survey conducted by Raytheon Websense, last year healthcare businesses were 200 percent more likely to encounter phishing lures than most industries. That is why healthcare providers need to re-think the dangers of today’s digital environment and improve performance of their cybersecurity systems.

Businesses are faced with issues such as identifying of potential security risks including novel cloud and mobile technologies and organization’s data security, compliance and privacy priorities. Experienced outside MSP IT professionals can help an organization understand the security environment and fill threat gaps.

Critical security steps for healthcare organizations to take:

  • Improving and defensing identity and access management;
  • Testing security applications, tools and interfaces before they go online;
  • Establishing a comprehensive strategy for data security and monitoring physical security;
  • Conduct or review a security risk analysis and strengthening risk and compliance management;
  • Monitoring for threats such as reviewing patches and standardizing threat response approaches; ensuring that firewalls, antivirus and other security technologies are up to date and so on.

SMEs need to get more involved in the awareness and management of cyber risk. Nowadays, keeping an eye on security threats is critical. Businesses should implement security policies and procedures that protect a company from attacks. Contact us today to find out how!

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