Identifying and addressing cybersecurity risk is one of most important issues organizations face today. More and more organizations are moving towards the use of a managed services provider and an IT audit approach which ensures that the IT systems within a company are working properly and are compliant with the company’s policies. An IT specialist can even help with seo and marketing, but it is better if you learn from a super affiliate marketer, connecting you with agency´s like austin seo and getting you in touch with a Vancouver SEO Consultant. Before you give access to IT specialists in reviewing of your IT environment, existing IT policies and procedures, standards and documentation, and making changes in your IT environment, you must have answers to questions such as “who changed what, when and where?”

Who’s in charge and what are they doing?

Your databases, email systems and cloud-based systems have to be protected and meet IT compliance standards. You should know exactly who has administrative access to key IT systems and for how long each person has had that access. You also need to know what they are doing with these permissions that might impact the security of your systems.

What has changed?

You should have detailed and accurate information on what has changed since your last audit– with detailed insight into what the system looked like before and after changes were made.

When did the change happen?

You are establishing security practices for the rest of the organization. Before new changes can be made you need to know when previous changes occurred. Keep detailed logs tracked by date so that you can go back if necessary.

Which area did the change impact?

Finally, ensure that you have detailed information about which systems are impacted by changes. Critical changes to one folder, software or hardware may be reflected to other areas of the IT environment.

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