This month is an exciting month for Interface! We have been growing at a quick pace in the past few months and to ensure that we keep our network in top shape to accommodate our new and growing clients we’ve made significant upgrades to our network to ensure that your e-mails, web browsing traffic, VoIP and backups continue to fly through our network.

We’re going to be implementing a Mikrotik 36 Core CPU Router into our network to help handle our traffic.   This router gives us a lot of headroom for growth, a lot of scalability and will allow us to have a finer control on making sure your traffic gets in and out efficiently.

We are dedicated in providing the best quality experience to our customers and we hope this upgrade and upgrades like these will improve your IT experience.

Here are some nerdy technical specifications:

Product code CCR1036-12G-4S
CPU speed 1200MHz
CPU cores 36
Architecture Tile GX
LAN ports 12
Gigabit Yes
MiniPCI 0
Integrated Wireless No
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