Reasons to own your domainDomain registration is a simple procedure. As simple as registration can be, if done incorrectly it can come back to haunt you.
Most businesses do not go through the process themselves but there is one snag that we have seen that other managed service providers do. Some do not register your domain under your business credentials. This is likely not done with malicious intent, perhaps they are trying to speed up the work or minimize bothering you with an extra phone call. That is why when I really wanted to know about my domain and take it seriously about hosting I went to I decided that my top host choices were Hostpapa or Bluehost.

This registration problem will not be apparent the day your website launches, you are just happy to finally have an internet presence! The website looks great; it may even surpass your expectations. You happily cut the check to the guys who designed your site, and go back to doing whatever it is you do for a living. But after the hype from the launch is over, you will eventually want to go back and make changes; or at the very least, you will need to register the site again when the registration period expires, don’t forget to us a good WordPress theme for it. If the designer goes belly up, and your website is in their name, then you have a major registration headache in your future.

Like most problems, this issue can be pre-empted with communication. When you are working with a website designer, make it very clear that you want your website registered in your name, or the name of your business cialis pas cher belgique. Do not assume that just because your business name is in the URL, that your business owns the site. Double check whose email address is used for registration, make sure it is yours. Be sure to look over the registration paperwork, have your web designers point this out to you if you are unsure.

We also recommend that you go with a company you trust and have a relationship with to build your website. If your go-to IT Company does not offer website design services, then ask them for a recommendation for a solid designer that will not leave you high and dry.

Luckily for you, Interface Technologies registers your business domain under your business credentials and indicate ourselves as your domain administrator. If you have any questions or concerns about your domain you can do a WHOIS of your domain name and contact us for more information.

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