Practicing good web browsing habits can prevent the majority of viruses

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  • February 18, 2014
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A large portion of viruses, trojans and malware are accumulated due to treacherous browsing habits of users. No amount of anti-virus software and hardware firewalls will prevent a user induced virus. We at Interface like to see healthy glowing computers so we’ve included some web-browsing best practices to avoid trouble.

Don’t use Internet Explorer, Especially IE6

We hate to denounce an entire browser but using Internet Explorer is generally less secure than other browsers. While the modern version of Internet Explorer is generally better than the older versions they lack the extensibility of Firefox and Chrome, which are the browsers we recommend using.

Only visit trusted websites

This may be hard if you need to find something new on the internet, but it is a good idea not to wander too far off the known path when surfing on the internet. If you do however need to go into the wild abyss to find information it might be best to turn on some added security features before doing so.

Don’t click on ads of sites you don’t trust

Advertisements can come loaded with a lot of nasty backdoors, trackers and cookies that can affect the health of your PC. If you are on a site you don’t trust or don’t know, it would be best to not click on their ads. Pop-ups are generally not a good idea to click on either. When prompted by ads be careful and read the prompts, clicking ok or cancel without paying attention to give permission to load in viruses.

Check the address bar for typos

Make sure the site you’re visiting is the official site, many popular sites have fake counterparts that take advantage of typos and try to take advantage of your trust in a well-known site,  this is called phishing. This could mean that they prompt you for your password for example.

Add These Extensions

No Script Firefox | Chrome

Disables active content from running on your browser unless you explicitly tell the extension you trust that site. That way even if you are browsing outside of your trusted known sites, random websites will not be able to execute scripts on your computer, unless you trust it and let it run.

Web of Trust Firefox | Chrome

The web of trust is a reputation service that tracks the reputation of domains so you as a user can make better judgments on which websites to safely browse and which to be more cautious of. WoT gives easily parsable data and more information on a website’s history as well as knowing which design company created the website with the best practices for example if a company like Web Design Palm Beach made it then you’ll be sure to know that it’s a completely safe website and there will be nothing to worry about.

Ghostery Firefox | Chrome

Ghostery is like Web of Trust but with more active security features, Ghostery features a handful of trackers that will determine what practices a website uses, Ghostery takes it a step further by asking if you want to actively block elements of the site they deem unseemly.

Better Privacy Firefox | Chrome

This extension serves to clean your local computer of tracking cookies that sites inevitably leave when you browse the internet. Better Privacy specifically focuses on Flash cookies that are known to be more pervasive and constant.

Adblock Plus Firefox Chrome

Adblock Plus simply filters out advertisements off websites, from flash ads to video ads. Ads are a major source of privacy invasive cookies and scripts. Another benefit you get is that you don’t see ads anymore! Please remember that a lot of websites need ads to survive however, if you have a trusted site that you want to support, adblock has the option to whitelist that site to allow them to display ads.

If you adopt these browsing habits the chances of you getting a virus, Trojan or malware drop significantly. A large portion of malware gets into computers based on user action so you are the first defense in an anti-virus program. If you happen to have bad luck and get a virus anyway, give us a call we have 24/7 support for Downtown Toronto and we’ll fix you right up!

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