Top Four Reasons for Data Loss

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  • May 24, 2016

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To some extent, data loss is unavoidable. Many people are aware that losing data can happen, but don’t understand that it can happen any time. It is important to know the main causes of data loss so that it can be prevented to the best of your ability. Click here to talk to a data recovery professional.

  1. Human error such as accidentally or unknowingly deleting, modifying or overwriting is a very common reason for data loss. There is a high chance of overwriting the wrong parts or deleting the wrong files in any company. It is something that happens every day. Having a backup strategy is a good solution to this problem.
  2. Viruses and malware attack computers every day. Data loss is most often just the side effect of greater damage that has been done to your network. Usually, virus attacks are targeted to steal sensitive information like a client database or valuable financial data. Computer viruses are now extremely advanced; it is absolutely essential to have a well performing anti-virus program to protect your network.
  3. According to a report in Europe, hardware failure is the main cause of data loss (42%). Hardware failure includes damage due to power surge, mechanical damages to the hard drive and drive failure. Hard drives have so many small and/or moving parts and they tend to break down easily. Recovery of data from a faulty hard drive can cost upwards of a thousand dollars. Handle your device carefully, keep it free from dust and use a UPS to reduce the risk of losing data due to power failure.
  4. If software corruption occurs, it will produce unexpected results that could range from a minor loss of data to a total system crash. For example, software shut down without a reason in the middle of your work and you lose your progress. This can be prevented by regularly saving and backing up your work, and using the software’s diagnostic tools to troubleshoot your computer problems.

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