For some small businesses around Toronto, administrative IT tasks and computer support are done the old fashioned way; either over the phone or on-premise. These traditional methods are a major waste of time and money, and can lead to plenty of unproductive behavior very quickly

Here’s a scenario that everyone has dealt with at least once:

You call into support with a typical desktop PC issue say it is a virus that your security software did not detect.  You have already done a full system scan and it has not detected or removed the infected files.  You call for support and the technician comes on site to resolve your computer issues.  If your business has in-house support the technician may come to your workstation and kick you off of your computer to fix the issue.  This is a pretty unproductive way to get things done and leaves you waiting to get back to work.  This wastes time because the technician has to head to your desk and you become unproductive, for you are standing around to use another computer or watching them on your system.

frustrated woman at computer

With remote support the technician simply logs onto your computer and can speak with you directly over the phone or through a chat module.  With remote support you can continue to work with your specialized programs so productivity is not affected and you are not wasting valuable company resources.

That is why with Interface Technologies your business has the option of remote support through our Managed Desktop Service.  We can attempt to resolve the matter remotely and take next steps to ensure business productivity has a minimal impact.  If remote support cannot resolve the matter, we can schedule an appointment at a time and date that suits your schedule.

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