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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a hot topic in 2019. Every business should understand basic SEO. It all starts with the simple question: What is SEO?


SEO is the general practise of ranking on search engines. Optimization indicates we want to optimize our ability to rank on these engines. Ranking on the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page) is a key phrase to understand as well. This simply means your location on the search results page. It’s obviously the dream to come up as #1, but it’s hard to do. Shoot for the moon, you’ll land among the stars- or at least on the first results page for a valuable keyword or phrase!

Contrary to popular belief, SEO does not cost an unbelievable amount. It just takes practice, studious research and a focused goal.

All that, and some good, honest guidance.

Too many marketers are online nowadays selling you services that will ‘make you money overnight’. This simply is not true. SEO takes time. It takes effort, and good content is the lifeblood of your SERP position.

In fact, a lot of these ‘overnight profit’ practices are actually going to hurt your business long-term. This is because Google does not wait long to penalize black-hat SEOs. They can even ban your site from search engines. Remember: Google wants to show you the best result possible. They WILL penalize companies that create barriers to their essence of existence!

Penalties from Google are a form of online discipline when it comes to SERP ranking.

If you want to pop up on the SERP, especially near the top, you need to avoid all penalties. Mind you, different factors are assigned different weights by Google. They also make updates to their algorithm constantly, and you can check out what SEOs are saying online to catch an update (Google does not usually announce their updates). SEO is an intricate process that needs to be executed with attention to detail. It involves research, analysis, data collection, technical overhauls and content creation. It can be daunting to think that you may lose money long-term with a less-than-favorable SEO consultant. That’s why it’s important for businesses to understand the risks.

It takes approximately 6 months to see improvements in ROI. It is also quite tricky to track the sources for each lead. With proper SEO implementation, your business (no matter how small it is!) can see great improvements to the bottom line. The right services will call for the best tracking methods and the hottest content maps.




Why Does Your Business Need SEO?

Millennials today comprise a large majority of the purchasing market and B2B decision-makers. They have very different expectations than that of their predecessors (ex. Baby Boomers). They want to see change in everything from the consumer experience to the political landscape. It would be silly of a business owner not to recognize this change in the world and appropriately adapt to it. One of the key ways businesses are improving their sales funnels and productivity levels is through implementing the right custom CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. Check out these 14 Tips on Choosing the Right CRM for Your Business.

See studies on how SEO has helped thousands of businesses around the world here. 

Search Engine Optimization requires attention to detail, knowledge of trends, as well as a vast understanding of Google’s algorithm. While there are other search engines used around the world, such as Bing, Yahoo and Yandex- Google takes the market home by a long-shot.

Google regularly rolls out updates to their never-ending algorithm; it’s important to stay updated. Subscribing to blogs and newsletters that cover this topic are key.

SEO is Not Just Marketing, or Writing. It Gets Technical.

This is why we shared some of our knowledge. There are plenty of amazing SEO experts out there, like Neil Patel, as well as awesome resources such as this SERP checker. However there are WAY more scams run by fake pros, A.K.A. people pretending to understand search engine algorithms. These individuals, or companies, will take a lot of money, while providing next to zero results. SEO is a hot, misunderstood topic on the internet- it’s easy to be victim of this type of scam. That’s why you need to actually call a proper, experienced consultant. Work with us, and you’ll come to understand the difference between the scams and the real opportunities for growth.

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