Small business owners and Entrepreneurs wear many hats. They have certain strengths and a drive to make money using the skills that they have. There are many facets to running a business. Someone needs to do the accounting, the networking, inventory, manage employees, and do sales calls and much more. Then, someone needs to manage the technology.

technician repairing server

Traditional tech support is “break-fix,” that is, when something breaks, you pay to have it fixed. The problem with that is you cannot plan a budget for your IT because you do not know what is going to break or how much it will cost to repair. When IT services are managed, technicians take a different approach. At Interface Technologies we utilize preventive maintenance techniques, best practices and remote monitoring tools to keep your technology running smoothly. This means your business will have fewer issues in the long run tied with a much more manageable flat rate.

The real goal of Managed IT is to keep problems from occurring in the first place. Take for instance your server. It manages everything that your business needs to operate like email, file management, firewall and many other things. It is backbone of your company and it needs to be configured, maintained and secured properly. If a server is not managed properly and an issue arises, it can be expensive to repair.

That is why Interface Technologies offers Managed IT for servers. We monitor everything like CPU usage, data coming and going from the network cards, how much space is on the hard drive and memory usage. Our remote tool notifies our technicians and next steps are taken by our experts to ensure your business continues to run without any glitches or hiccups.

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