Remote backup

Are you doing everything you can to protect your company’s valuable data?

Lisa Hillyard, Interface Technologies

Chances are, your company has some sort of backup solution in place. Everyone knows that whether you’re an individual wanting to be sure that you don’t lose important photos and documents or a large company with thousands of employees worth of data to protect, it is absolutely essential to ensure that it is backed up because well, things happen.

Hard drives fail, computers crash and pipes burst. The last thing you want is that feeling of regret immediately after you realize that you’ve lost all your work and you don’t have a solid backup system in place.

The Options

On-site Backup: Every day, your data is backed up to a server that is housed at your location. The benefit of this is that anything you need is immediately available to you. The biggest problem, however, is that in the event of a catastrophe – natural disaster, fire, water damage or break-in – your data will be either totally lost or severely damaged without any recourse.

Remote Backup: A full backup of the system is completed daily. The data is transferred from your system directly to off-site servers at a data centre. From there the a redundant copy is made, ensuring that no matter what happens to the physical location of the servers, your data will be safe and accessible.

Cloud Data and Jurisdiction

Many of our clients in the legal and financial industries have internal policies requiring that data not be stored outside of Canada to avoid being subject to the jurisdiction of other countries. We support them with our primary data centre that is located at 151 Front Street in downtown Toronto and back up to our secondary data centre north of Toronto.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Our backup data centre is located in Markham, Ontario. Another common policy of our clients is that all data be backed up over 20 kilometers away in the event of a disaster that destroys the primary data centre. It’s an additional safeguard to give confidence that no matter what happens, your data will be safe. By backing up data at your office location, replicating to our primary data centre and then replicating again to our disaster recovery data centre, you can be sure that you are protected against even the most unlikely circumstances.

Updating your current backup system

We’ve helped many clients transition into the new age of data backup. We’re always surprised to learn how many companies are still relying on tape backup which is notoriously unreliable. Did you know that only 50% of data is recoverable from tapes? This means that you only find out if you can get the data you need after you’ve already determined that you need to access it. Imagine that conversation with your boss…no thanks! If you’re considering making the switch to remote cloud backup, give us a call and we can discuss a transition plan. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that all of your company’s data is secure, backed up and easily accessible. We’re located in the downtown core and can recover files for you within minutes. If the file is too big to send electronically, we’ll run it over to your office. That’s the beauty of being Toronto’s inner-city IT specialists.

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