Tips To Keeping Your Computer Clean

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  • March 7, 2014

Your computer does not only need to stay clean and safe on the inside, in a virtual manner, protected against viruses, Trojans, hackers, and other similar threats; its physical integrity and cleanliness is equally important. Here are a few interesting suggestions on how to clean your computer’s components and maintain them clean for a longer time.

DOs and DON’Ts Of Computer Cleaning

First of all, keep in mind it is not recommended to ever spray liquids directly onto a computer component, no matter what component we might be talking about. Use a cloth to spray the liquid onto first and only then clean the monitor or keyboard. Make sure you always turn off the computer when you decide to clean it thoroughly. Use a small vacuum to clean the dirt or dust and hairs that might have clogged around and on the computer. Nevertheless, never try to vacuum the interior of your computer as you will only be risking to break your computer due to the static electricity that will be formed. In case the interior of your computer is so dirty that vacuuming it is an absolute must, make sure you pick one of those portable vacuums that use batteries. If you need professional help, check out the internet for some experts in the area where you live and do the same if you need some fast locksmithing services by using the locksmiths-search site. Compressed air devices are also highly recommended for similar reasons. Try to never eat, drink, or smoke around the computer and use diluted solvents when cleaning the computer case and other parts, as some powerful solvents have the power to cause damages. Simple water can also be used as a fine alternative for cleaning the dust and dirt. Do not disconnect the plugs behind the computer when cleaning the back side of the computer.



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