Why are businesses still using traditional phone service? Most businesses don’t understand all the benefits of Hosted VoIP. So in this post I would like to outline the Top 5 reasons to move your business to Hosted VoIP. Let’s start from the top.

1) Advanced Features – Hosted VoIP provides a significant number of advanced features that are not available with traditional telephone service. I will highlight the features that I think are the most beneficial to customers.

Voice mail to email integration – This allows you to receive an email in an audio file that you can listen to on your computer or mobile device.
3 and 4 Digit Dialing – You can 3 and 4 digit dial between any of your coworkers or partners that are set up on the system.
Mobile Integration – With mobile integration you can extend your enterprise communication features to your mobile device. Employees can also save on mobile minutes by using the soft-phone feature on the mobile device. The softphone has a dialer so you can make or receive calls on the VoIP network without having to use your mobile minutes. With mobile integration your mobile device or PC becomes an extension of your enterprise phone system.
Simultaneous Ring – With simultaneous ring you can ring multiple devices at the same time. This means you can set up your service to call your office phone, mobile device and home office phone at the same time.
Find me follow me – This feature will ring multiple devices in a sequence until the caller finds you.
Presence – Presence allows you to see if a co-worker or partner is on the phone.
Web User Interface – A web user interface allows you to manage all of your call activity via the web or PC. Many of the features I described above can be managed via your web user interface. This system allows you to set all of your call features in real time.

2) Cost Savings – With Hosted VoIP you will save money by not having to purchase, install, manage, maintain and upgrade on premise communications equipment. Also the service is delivered via the cloud so you can use your existing data or Internet connection for both your voice and data services. Also it is easy for businesses to move devices around the office or between locations. With hosted VoIP the phone just needs an Internet connection to work.

3) Multi-site Businesses / Virtual Work Environment – Hosted VoIP is perfect for multi-site businesses and the virtual work environment. You can 3 or 4 digit dial between all office locations. If you have employees in multiple states, home offices or other locations, they all have the capability to 3 and 4 digit dial each other.

4) Mobility – Your PC or mobile device can now be an extension of your hosted VoIP service. You can be at home, at a hotel, or across town at the coffee shop and always be connected to the enterprise phone system. It is like walking around with your office phone in your pocket. Also the office phones are mobile so you can move the phones from location to location and plug and play. (Remember 911 are based on the original location of the phone. You must notify the carrier if you move the phone to a new address and you want to update your 911 location)

5) Ease of Use and Deployment – With Hosted VoIP you order the service it will come pre-programmed with your service, you just plug it into your Internet or data connection and it works. No special equipment, no additional phone wiring, no complex installation process. When the phones are unpackaged you plug them into your data or Internet connection, they configure up and work.

I hope this helps to layout some of the benefits of Hosted VoIP. If you have any questions or would like to discuss further don’t hesitate to contact us at the telephone number listed above.

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