One thing that is great for small business is virtualizing their servers.  Imagine cutting down on maintenance costs and having a much cooler server room.  Many of the small and medium sized businesses we work with have multiple servers.  These servers control everything for their business, like email exchange, file management and many others.  With virtualization they are many useful benefits that many business managers do not know and reasons why you should do it.

Cost Effectiveness

Under normal circumstances you usually have one physical machine in your infrastructure for every Operating System and Application you use for that server.

This means you are spending a lot of money on the physical hardware. With small business virtualization you buy one machine. Then you make different snapshots running concurrently on one box. In the long run, you save money by not having to buy additional hardware.

Space Management

The average server uses approximately 30% of the space and resources allocated to the box and that leaves 70% of the resources available to the server that may never be used.

Virtualization is much better way to manage those resources.  The main reason is cost effectiveness of not having one machine for one system and one application.  Virtualization of servers gives you the opportunity to save space in your office and use that space for something else, like a new hire or storage.

Multiple Virtualized Operating Systems Means Multiple Backups

One of the coolest things about small business virtualization is you can take an entire snapshot of the entire system image at a time.  It is basically an entire image of the system, including the operating system, programs, configuration – everything that server has on it.  A snapshot is great for creating backups because they can be done incrementally, every few minutes, hours, etcetera.  If anything should happen, like a deleting a file, the snapshot can help restore that file within the given timeframe needed.

They are many other reasons why businesses with multiple servers should use virtualization.  If you have any questions or comments please contact us.  Interface Technologies can help your business virtualize your servers and because our goal is to help save you time and money we can provide our other solutions that maximize your technology with minimalizing your cost.

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