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How VAPT Can Save Your Business: VAPT Explained

What is a VAPT Audit?

VAPT stands for network Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. This is an assessment done by IT service professionals to see if your company network is safe or not. Essentially, the VAPT process exists as an anti-hacker move for your business. Hire an outsourced IT service to test your network, and you just may find you have many vulnerabilities that even your in-house team may have missed (always helps to have a fresh perspective).

Hackers are just waiting, nay, they are in fact searching for vulnerabilities to exploit.

Leaving your company open to cyber attacks is never a good idea, no matter how small your company is or what industry you operate in. This can result in a loss of data, money, and even permanently damaged client relationships. In fact, the WEF report, which asked more than 12,000 business leaders from 140 countries, found companies fear that the action of hackers will be the biggest threat to their economies over the the next ten years. The next financial crisis is likely to be caused by a cyber attack of some form.

One of the scariest parts about hackers: They don’t care. But the great news is, Interface Technologies does. We are like the Internet Warriors, or Mercenaries, if you will; sent out onto the virtual battlefield to protect our kingdom (YOUR business!) against the evil plights of those highway-men.

We purposely don’t ask for contracts- we know we are the best IT Service Provider available in the Toronto area. Let those hackers try. We will keep your network as safe as possible.

VAPT is also known as penetration testing. It is of utmost importance that companies carry out this task. There has been an exponential rise in cyber attacks all over the world. How do cyber attacks happen? By a lack of VAPT testing.

It’s as simple as this: Information is knowledge, and knowledge is power. Don’t share your information with hackers unless you want them to have power over you!

Keep in mind; it does not matter what industry you are in.

VAPT audits are a specialized service, [which should only be] offered by the best of IT companies- Like us!

Let Us Narrow it Down: Vulnerability Testing Vs. Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment means we are looking for spots of your internal network that are exposed. Ultimately, we want to find internal issues with your network- that we will then fix! This way, you preemptively avoid an attack on your internal infrastructure.

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Penetration Testing is a little different. Pen Testing, as it is known in the IT world, is a form of anti-hacker protocol used to test your vulnerabilities from an external point of view.

Basically, Penetration Testing is an advanced, prudent way to test the security of your network. We aim to mimic those hackers (they’re out there, don’t kid yourself!) and find every mistake they might find. Then we put a stop to those gates of entry. Our job in doing a VAPT audit is to see your company as a hacker might. As a result of our approach, we are able to identify vulnerabilities, and therefore fix them. Ideally, we fix them before anything bad happens. Nowadays, business owners need to recognize the risks in leaving a network unchecked. It is much easier to do damage control before anything happens; that’s called Risk Assessment. Consider VAPT to be a part of your business risk assessment.


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