As a small business owner, there’s a lot of things to worry about. Finding the best merchant services for small business, keeping their % fees low enough for you to profit, etc. You are also likely experiencing the growing cost of maintaining and purchasing all of the technology that keeps your business in operations.  Your IT environment may start to become complex as employees are starting to bring in their own devices like mobile phones and tablets into the office.  Securing and managing a broad array of devices can be difficult, so how can you handle all of this spending?

First we can take a look at your applications since the average business has about 10 applications required for operations that are either on premise of hosted in the cloud.  These systems process orders, manage a database, track finances, control email, and manage phone systems and much more.  It has been estimated that each user generates about 10GB of data and it is the management of this data that has become critical to businesses.

In addition, small businesses are bearing the brunt of the employees bringing their own equipment (BYOD) into the workforce that can further complicate data management, network security, email access and access to business applications.  Do not forget that BYOD introduces the risk of the loss or theft of the device as well as the critical business data it contains.

All this increased complexity has an impact on the bottom line of your business.  Right now they are three opportunities your business can take to reduce the cost and improve your return of investment.

Transition to the Cloud

Instead of maintaining an in-house server you can put it in the cloud.  This removes all costs associated with the hardware upkeep and eliminates the cost of having someone in house to manage it, since most cloud providers (like Interface Technologies) can manage and maintain the system for you.  Many software vendors have SaaS (software applications as service) versions of their offerings that give predictable monthly pricing.  SaaS offerings can increase your access to the best-of-breed software at a lower cost.

Consolidate, Spend with a one-stop Provider

Many businesses have more than one contact for vendors that provide solutions for email, security, data backup, remote access, tech support, website hosting and CRM solutions.  Many large IT Providers, like Interface Technologies, have expanded their offerings to include all services required for many small and medium sized businesses.   You can expect these providers to offer discounts to get you to switch from your constellation of providers to their suite of services.

Fix problems before they Start

Many business owners have the mentality of if it isn’t broken why fix it when it comes to managing their IT infrastructure, waiting for a system to break down before calling in support.  As a result, this sometimes leads to calling a support company multiple times, paying for additional costs.  It is suggested that businesses should take advantage of managed services offered by your vendor.  Today, the prices of managed services are less expensive due to the growth of support tools and increased speed of the internet.  If your current vendor does not offer such service, you should seek alternatives, like Interface Technologies.

The IT environment is ever-changing and while new technologies present opportunities, business owners should consider management and vendor consolidation to reduce their overall IT budgets.  For more information, please contact us.

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