Last week many participated in Earth Day events.  Many do not know how to go green in today’s world of technology.  When we think of going green we think of reducing the waste we put into landfills but did you know offices can go green as well and it is not referring to your building’s recycling program.

“Going Green” is a phrase used a lot these days and many companies are committed to try and make their office more environmentally friendly.  Small steps are taken like using recycled paper, special light bulbs, etc., but these are just small steps everybody can take to help minimize the impact we have on our environment.

“Going Green” may seem like an impossible task to achieve for businesses and it does not have to impact the way your company operates.  We have listed below a few things you can do to make efforts to improve your company’s image by “Going Green”.

Put your equipment to sleep

Even though some IT companies run updates during the evening and backups, putting your computer to sleep enables to computer to cut down on the necessary energy it consumes during off peak hours.  Sleep Mode is available on most electronic devices like copiers, fax machines, printers and yes even computers; just make sure it is activated.  That way, when long periods of inactivity occur, the system will go to sleep.

Consolidate things

Because of virtualization and cloud computing, there are no reasons why businesses should have separate equipment for everything you do.  There are some businesses that still have a separate server for their accounting, emails, files, etc.  Server virtualization has its pros and can also improve their disaster recovery efforts but contact us for an elaboration.

Another way is to group items together.  If your office has a separate machine for faxing, copying and scanning; an all-in-one device will be a suitable upgrade.

Cutting down on paper

Much of our communication is done electronically these days and paper use has dramatically gone down.  There are more ways to cut down your paper.  Some businesses use PDF printing tools to send documents required for meetings.  This enables attendees to view the documents on their smartphones and tablets.  Other businesses use electronic signatures on documents while others due duplex printing.

Recycle old equipment

When your computer equipment is decommissioned for office use you can get your system reused.  Some of our clients donate their older but still useable systems to local charities and if the system is completely dead you can arrange to have it properly recycled as opposed to having it end up in a landfill.

If you are interested in “Going Green” feel free to contact us for more information.

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