When it comes to website security, most businesses are susceptible to security risks. Regardless of company size or industry, your business may face a variety of website security issues, risks and threats. They should be understood and determined. If you are a small business and you think this only applies to large corporations, think again. According to research conducted by Symantec, approximately one third of all security attacks were targeted against small enterprises. Additionally, according to another survey, 33% of companies never conduct vulnerability scans or assessments of their websites.

Security breaches could include cross-site scripting attacks, Denial of Service (DoS) incidents, intercepting or corruption of personal and sensitive data. Your website is the most public part of your network, it is an open window between your network and the world. By establishing the level of website security that your company has, it will help to determine what steps to take to mitigate the risk of a breach.

In order to protect your organization:

  • Use a variety of monitoring approaches. They might be automated scans, internal assessments or third-party assessments. These methods are well-known and effective, but the more you use, the better the coverage could be.
  • Use plug-ins and others security tools for identifying vulnerabilities. Update these tools as soon as possible, and keep an eye out for listed vulnerabilities.
  • Change your passwords regularly. This is the easiest and most popular method. It is also considered a security ‘best practice’. It will help to keep company users’ accounts safe, from hackers.
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