Kevin Seo, Senior IT Consultant – Interface Technologies

Instead of using traditional phone lines to transmit calls, VoIP phones use an Internet connection. Experience improved clarity of calls and the ability to access some features through your computer like voicemail. Interface Technologies offers a 100×100 connection with 99.99% uptime guarantee with our fibre internet, ensuring that your VoIP system is always working for you. Now that you know what VoIP is, let’s talk about why it’s better:

Cost Savings – With VoIP, you’ll save 69% on your traditional phone bill. With unlimited local and international calling, you have a fixed monthly cost for your internet connection and handsets instead of having to worry about usage which can vary from month to month.

Increased Mobility – Log in to your VoIP phone system anywhere there’s an internet connection. This is great for employees who are working from home or travelling. No matter where they are, the calls they are making will come from their office phone number and they won’t miss any incoming calls at the office. You can also use Zoiper, an that allows you to access your VoIP service through your smartphone and save money on minutes and long distance. Voicemail to Email is another great feature that makes it easy to get work done on the go.

Greater Functionality – Enjoy greater functionality with VoIP without added complication. Use Auto-Attendant which allows callers to hear a voice recording that is tailored to your business’s needs. Sequential ring allows users to have up to 5 phone numbers ring in a specified sequence so they never miss a call. With Consultation Hold, the user can put a caller on hold, call a third party, hang up and resume the conversation with a caller so you can assist your callers more efficiently.

Scalable Service – With traditional telephone service, you need to carefully estimate how many phones you need to avoid paying for additional lines that won’t be used. With VoIP, you can add a line as soon as you get a new employee and easily reassign or remove a line when an employee leaves without ever paying for anything you don’t need.

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