Technology makes it easier for employees to work away from the office while they are travelling.  There are newer technologies that many businesses have not implemented in their IT infrastructure, like VoIP, mobile email and remote desktop, which enables staff to work out of the office efficiently.  One of the dilemmas of working while travelling is how to stay focused because travelling has many distractions.  If you have to do some work while on your travels, here are a few tips.

Personal Wi-Fi

Many accommodations offer free Wi-Fi but unfortunately these connections are heavily managed.  Most offer a slow connection at best which in most cases are free.  Some paid Wi-Fi connections are better to connect to but are spotty at best.

If you plan on doing a decent amount of travel, you will want to have access to the internet from anywhere.  Most smartphones offer tethering which you can connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable connection and access your mobile carrier’s data network.

Have Access to Everything Needed

Before you travel, make sure you have easy access to the files and applications you need.  Most IT departments can enable remote desktop access. Luckily most accommodations offer purchasing time blocks to use their public computers.  Simply accessing the remote desktop application will enable you to access your work network, as long as you have the necessary credentials.  For help with mobility solutions like remote desktop, feel free to contact us.

Email Auto Responder

Even though you plan on working from the road, set up an email auto-responder to let everyone know that you are out of the office and might not be able to access and respond to emails immediately. This will lighten your load and align the expectations others may have on you. Traveling will give you less time to get things done, so an email auto-responder will allow you to push back some of the not-so-urgent communications that can wait a little.

Dedicate Time to Networking

If you are going to a trade show or event, don’t get too wrapped up with your day-to-day work. Be sure to give yourself time to take advantage of your situation and network with others at the event. You never know where a new relationship will take you.

Step Back

This might not seem productive, but if traveling puts you at a nice resort or an ocean-side view, enjoy it. Play a round of golf or spend an hour by the pool. Unwind when you get the chance, and you’ll be more refreshed to get more done later. It can be pretty distracting and unproductive to sit in a hotel room working away, knowing there’s sand, surf and all-you-can-eat shrimp just a block away.



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