Why you should Migrate away from XP

Microsoft has announced that they will pull the plug on support for Windows XP and Office 2003 on April 8th, 2014.

This means that Microsoft will no longer publish updates for either product and will not provide any support for issues regarding these two products. You can of course choose to stay on these platforms but you assume all risk of security leaks in decade old software. We believe this announcement marks a great opportunity to upgrade your technology to the present day.

Preparing for the switch

Any software running on XP will need to be checked to see if they run on newer Windows platforms, the more popular software will have upgraded options, some software may now be obsolete and require a suitable replacement and custom software may need to be redeveloped for a newer platform. Security software that runs on XP such as antivirus and firewalls will likely drop support as well, switching to a newer platform will ensure that security software stays up to date.

In the rare cases older hardware might not have immediately available drivers to be compatible with the newer platform so some research and digging might have to be done to get older hardware and the new platform to talk to each other.

Interface Technologies can help you migrate

Migrating platforms can be a daunting task and could possibly halt your business operations until all the wrinkles are smoothed out. We can assist your company in making the migration as seamless and smooth as possible. We will test and research for incompatible applications and provide suitable alternatives as well as oversee the actual migration process.

What happens if you don’t migrate?

There’s a likelihood that nothing would change, your business runs as usual and no migration would have to take place. There is a chance however that exploiters will find unpatched security holes in due time and use them to get access to valuable data since Microsoft will no longer patch exploits for Windows XP.

This is your company’s chance to do a full technology audit and tune up your office to ensure all your needs are being met.ing met.

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