About Interface Technologies Toronto

Interface Technologies is a leading Managed IT Services Company located in Toronto, Ontario

We started out as a network card manufacturer in the 80s — it was great — we sold them faster than we could make them!

There was an issue though; nobody was around to support the cards we made, so we started supporting the cards ourselves. As technology grew, and network cards became ubiquitous and built into devices, we transitioned into a fully Managed IT Services Provider.

Here we are now, over 35 years later, happily providing managed IT Services to hundreds of successful businesses in the Toronto area.

Things we believe in

  • No contracts! We believe in earning your business even after the papers are signed. That means our clients stay with us because they know the team at Interface Technologies is the best managed IT services provider in downtown Toronto- not because they feel tied down.
  • Keeping it simple. We provide pretty much everything a company could need in terms of information technology. From basics, such as business internet and VoIP, to large multi-server environments; we want to be that beloved phone number you call when issues arise with your network.
  • Transparency. No hidden fees, no hidden advice- we give you what we promise- the first time.

Reasons to work with us

One Hour Rescue Guarantee means we’ll have a technician working on your issue right away. Our location lets us respond, fast.

100% satisfaction guaranteed. We don’t rely on contracts to keep your business, we have to be on top of our game if we want you to stay with us.

With 30 years of experience, we have found the formula for success in the world of IT Services. We have hundreds of clients in the city.

No hidden fees and simple quoting. We tell you how much it will cost to meet your needs and we’ll stick to our word. No one likes surprises.

Our cloud servers are here in Toronto! Get the benefits of cloud services while achieving maximum speed because of the proximity of our servers to your office.

Get all your IT services under one roof. Who wants to chase multiple vendors when with Interface Technologies, you have only one number to call for anything IT and Telecom.

We ensure your data is secure. Remote backups, firewalls and network monitoring mean that you can have peace of mind that nothing will get lost or stolen.

None of our services are pre-packaged. We design custom solutions based on your business’ specific needs. Get exactly what you need and want. Why compromise?

Our industry experience

We provide managed IT services to any and all industries. There are a few select industries we have an immense amount of experience with. If your business is in one of these industries, you should definitely contact us.


We’ve been the backbone of several mining and exploration companies for years and have witnessed some these companies grow exponentially with us behind them. Our managed IT services portfolio fits right in with the business needs of a mining company that might have remote offices, mining locations and workers. We can help traverse the geographical challenges a mining company faces and make long distances seem a lot shorter. Some IT services that may be of particular interest:

  • Network Solutions – We have come up with tailored network solutions for many of our clients in the mining industry and we can do the same for you, no matter how complex your specific requirements are.
  • Cloud Services – Because you’ve got multiple locations to keep connected, it makes sense for your business to be cloud-based. This way, regardless of an employee’s physically location, they can access all the data they need, when they need it from anywhere in the world.
  • VoIP – Long distance and International calling can really add up with traditional phone service. Our clients in the mining industry have experienced serious savings by switching to VoIP. Our service includes unlimited long distance and support. We will keep you in touch with even the most remote locations.


Over the years we have served as the IT support department for many small and medium sized law firms in Toronto. We’re surprised to see many law firms not taking the necessary precautions to prevent data loss, especially because we know how important keeping your data secure and backed up is. Interface Technologies has an array of IT services that are geared towards law practices and proven to meet the needs and demands of your practice. Some managed IT services that may be of particular interest:

  • VoIP – Lawyers talk…a lot. Keep your phone bill as low as possible by switching to VoIP service. Voicemail to e-mail ensures that you can stay on top of all your active cases on the go. Take advantage of our proprietary usage meter which keeps track of who you’ve been talking to and for how long, making it easy to keep track of your billables. Find out more
  • PC Law – We are one of the five IT companies that is certified by Lexis Nexis. We know all there is to know about using PC Law to improve the operations of your practice. We can help you increase productivity by customizing this tool to fit your firm’s exact business model. Find out more
  • Security – A virus or security hole can open your entire practice to outside eyes. We have years of experience ensuring that law firms are 100% digitally secure. Protect your clients and your reputation by letting us keep your network and your data safe. Find out more


Finance firms require data to be quick and consistent; we understand that. Our managed IT services are geared towards providing large amounts of data quickly to your financial firms so that your business can do what it does. We have our redundancies in place so that your services never go down when you need them. Our rapid response guarantees that we will have someone on your premises within the hour — and most times it is much sooner, thanks to our very convenient location downtown Toronto. Some services that may be of particular interest:

  • One Hour Rescue Guarantee -In the world of finance, time is money – literally. You can’t afford to be down while the markets are open and we understand that. We’re located in the financial district and will be on-site to solve any problems we can’t fix remotely within an hour and often much sooner than that.
  • Fibre Internet – If the markets are open, you need to be online. We understand this and constantly monitor all internet connections. We guarantee 99.99% uptime. Find out more
  • Audio and Video – Presentations are often an important part of working in finance. Whether you’re selling financial products or raising capital, you know how important it is to convey professionalism not just in your pitch but in how the pitch is presented. From small conference phone set-ups, to more extensive video conference solutions, we’ve got you covered.-so you can show your clients that you’ve got them covered. Find out more


Make sure your budgets are in check and your non-profit is getting the managed IT services required for the right price. Interface Technologies has worked with several non-profit companies across Toronto to achieve their goals while keeping their budgets affordable. Here’s some of what we have to offer:

  • Special Pricing – We admire the selflessness of what you do and we want to support your cause by offering discounted pricing on all our services for charities and non-profits.
  • Managed Services – From monitoring your network to providing desktop support, we can help you cut costs and reduce overhead with flat monthly fees, no contracts and unlimited support. Whatever the cause, your we know your number one priority is maximizing the money you raise. Choosing the best managed IT services provider ensures that it gets to the people who need it and doesn’t go to operating expenses. Find out more
  • Remote Backup – Keep all your data safe and secure with our remote backup. It’s automatic and gives you the ability to access any file you need, any time. With all the events, fundraising campaigns and donations you’ve got to keep track of, it’s easy for things to get lost in the shuffle. Remote backup gives you the peace of mind you need to focus on what’s important. Find out more


Restaurants, cafes, bars and shops are requiring more and more technology these days in order to operate effectively. Whether you are looking for help with your startup or to improve your business operations, Interface Technologies has the expertise to get it done. We are experts in outfitting your store fronts and back offices so your business has the connectivity it needs to operate. Some managed IT services that may be of particular interest:

  • Point of Sales Systems (POS) – The team at Interface Technologies has extensive knowledge about setting up Point of Sales systems such as Moneris, Squirrel and many others. We pride ourselves in being an all-in-one solution; we procure the hardware necessary, route the cabling in the store, as well as setup and test the system once everything is up and running. Find out more
  • VoIP – What with placing orders, booking reservations, calling suppliers and all the other things a restaurant needs to use a phone for; we understand it’s a hefty amount, and you need your business network to be up all the time. Interface Technologies is a fully managed IT services provider, and our reliable 1-hour rapid support has rescued many businesses in the Toronto area over the years. Find out more