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IT Services designed for Toronto businesses

Our internet service is offered with businesses in mind. We know the internet is the lifeblood of your business operations. Your internet can’t be limited in speed or bandwidth. Our 100 x 100 Fibre Internet service has synchronous speeds which means that your upload is as fast as your download speed, your office connectivity to servers are more responsive and files backup quicker. You can use the internet as much as your office needs without having to check the meter. Your internet should be a transparent worry-free part of your business.

Our Internet Service Includes

• No setup or installation fees
• Fast Installation
• 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
• Hardware Rental
• Pro-active Connection Monitoring


Fibre Internet allows for much higher upload and download speed.


Don’t get bogged down by slowdowns or downtime during peak hours. Ideal for VoIP and other web applications.


We’re located just down the block! Any and all issues are looked at personally.

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