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Information Technology continues to provide new ways for firms to do business. Along with these advantages come new challenges in the form of security threats. To meet these challenges, businesses must take an approach to protecting their data assets that is aggressive and comprehensive.

From nuisances like spam, Spyware and Adware to potentially crippling attacks from viruses, worms, and hackers, threats emanate from all levels of the IT infrastructure. Without adequate security measures, businesses are left at risk of data and performance loss. They also risk exposure of sensitive materials and reductions in quality of service; this can cost a company millions. With security compliance, your essential data and your back up data resides within Canada! Interface Technologies can address all these potential risks, to safeguard your firm and its critical systems. Let us protect you from the ever-expanding list of security challenges your business faces.

We manage your entire cyber security program

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Interface manages your entire vulnerability life cycle. Interface’s security specialists will locate and eliminate potential threats to the integrity of your corporate network and computer systems before they become a problem. What’s included in a VAPT?

  • We remediate your security gaps in a cost effective way
  • We improve handoffs between the security organization and IT operations so that important remediation activities don’t fall through the cracks
  • We identify any vulnerability in your systems and network – both internal and external – and present a comprehensive analysis of your network security.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Interface uses data mirroring in the event of ransomware infection, on your computers. In the event that you’ve been infected by cryptolocker or other types of malware, we will recover your system in 2-3 hours maximum.

Network & Firewall Audits

Interface treats audit preparation as an ongoing endeavor. Our security experts will oversee the complete installation and maintenance of your network firewall. In addition to upgrading existing firewalls, we can develop and install a range of new firewall systems using custom built components. Interface reviews your entire network and firewalls and provides remediation measures that is appropriate to both your security needs and budget.

Cyber Security Training and Compliance

In addition to auditing your policy compliance, Interface empowers your team with knowledge on security fundamentals, phishing, incident responses and more. Advanced training for IT leads to increase data security and protection are available on cyber forensics and how to harden your devices (MikroTik, Windows, Linux)

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