Hosted Cloud Servers

No Capital Cost

Get server resources immediately without having to invest in physical hardware. Our servers are located at 151 Front Street, a secure data-centre in the heart of Toronto. Leverage our investments for your company. Test software, run pilot programs and replicate projects to other servers without the high capital costs typically associated with these activities.

Just-in-Time Resources

Get as much or as little computing power as you need, when you need it. Our cloud servers scale to your requirements and only scale when you can actually use them. No more overbuying on a server you might not ever use.

Quick Set-Up

Get access ASAP, we set-up and we manage the servers on your behalf. Give us a call whenever something needs configuring and we’ll get right on it.

Our cloud computing servers are hosted at 151 Front Street in Toronto, Ontario

Our Facility Features:

  • Fibre Connectivity
  • 24x7x365 Security
  • Fully Redundant Power with Backup Power
  • Deep-Water Cooling System

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