Custom App Development

Customized Applications for Business

Interface Technologies provides end-to-end managed software development services, technology and consulting to enable the digital workplace for midsize and small businesses. Since we care about your business in detail, we are very capable of addressing your needs when it comes to custom apps.

Custom Apps are popping up for businesses in all industries, and for good reasons. Click here to learn about how custom software can improve your bottom line.

We like to visit your offices, and meet with you on a personal level to understand your business as much as possible. This allows our team of developers, creative designers and engineers to assess your current situation. They then can come up with solutions most-suited for your future success.

4 Stages of Creating Your App

  1. ENGAGE FOR DETAILS: In this stage, we gain understanding of your business objectives, current processes and expected outcomes. It is important we meet and discuss your situation in detail. This helps our team understand your particular business in the market. In turn, by building this personal relationship, we guarantee excellent personalization.
  2. DESIGN FOR SUCCESS: Now we create project goals and define user experience levels. We design the app for various delivery channels, and integrate very robust security measures.
  3. DELIVER FOR RESULTS: Here we execute our development plans. We conduct multiple tests, and deliver the final product on schedule. Our main goal is to maximize the quality and provide the best possible user experience.
  4. ADAPT TO EVOLVE: The final step: We maintain, scale and customize the software to align with your business growth. We stay on top of industry trends & the changing business landscape, so your company receives the best possible experience on an ongoing basis.

About Our Apps

What’s included?

  • B2B and B2C Web Portals, ECM, Document Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management.

Omnichannel, Multi-Audience

  • Be it our proprietary software or custom built application we develop with mobility in mind, knowing that user can access the application from anywhere via any device, mobile, tablet or desktop.
  • Superior integration capabilities ensure that users can access all other disparate enterprise applications and data from a single portal

Security & Ease

  • Security is not an afterthought – it is baked into the application from the design stage to ensure data integrity and robust cyber-defense
  • Manageability and adaptability go hand-in-hand to ensure that access to features, functionality and data can be customized to suit business needs

Business Automation & Analytics

  • Highly customizable automation ensure that the technology fits your business process – and not the other way around
  • Centralization of corporate data provides an unified view of all enterprise resources and analytics provides business insights for intelligent decision making

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