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Low Earth Orbit Satellites – The Future Of Connectivity

Low earth orbit satellites are the new technological innovation that are now inhabiting our sky. Thousands of small satellites are located around the globe with the intent to provide internet coverage for regions too remote to be connected via traditional network links. This technology will not only improve internet connections in rural and remote communities, but will also be essential in today’s work-from-home environments. Working remotely is now becoming the ‘new normal’ and having access to fast and reliable internet is a necessity in the regular course of business.

Low earth orbit satellite broadband services will provide low-latency communications that will prove to be especially critical to the mining sector and energy companies.

Essentially this technology will:

  • Enable the use of cloud applications
  • Improve cellular service
  • Increase and improve the ability to access data in real-time
  • Improve data processing between offices in a safe and secure way
  • Offer increased speed
  • Lower cost

Interface Technologies is working on furthering relationships with suppliers to try to provide the best possible service. We have many years of experience in rolling out Internet services and providing the day-to-day support.

Interface will be a key component in managing the satellite connections locally and setting the base stations. We have a core group of engineers in Toronto, with several hired hands across the Continent and full-time engineers in Central and South America as well as central India, with 12-hour transit time to Africa, and Scandinavia.

We have set up networks at many mining camps and are developing innovative ways to centralize the many discrete parts of a mine site. With the new connections, offices for the mine can be combined with the remote site.

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