Satellite Technology

Low Earth Orbit Satellite Technology

Access to a reliable internet connection has become essential to all the things we associate with quality of life: economic opportunity, education, health care, and public services. Most of us can’t imagine life without access to modern technologies and speedy communications options. The search for new and low-cost options that help solve our demand for information and connectivity in both rural and urban areas of the world is an ongoing endeavor.

Low Earth Orbit Satellites are the new technological innovation that are now inhabiting our sky. Thousands of small satellites are located around the globe with the intent to provide internet coverage for regions too remote to be connected via traditional network links. This technology will not only improve internet connections in rural and remote communities, but will also be essential in today’s work-from-home environments. Working remotely is now becoming the ‘new normal’ and having access to fast and reliable internet is a necessity in the regular course of business. Businesses that utilize this technology will see cost savings and efficiencies that will not only increase productivity but also elevate company performance.

Low earth orbit satellite broadband services will provide low-latency communications that will prove to be especially critical to the mining sector and energy companies. Essentially this technology will enable the use of cloud applications, improve cellular service, increase and improve the ability to access data in real-time and improve data processing between offices in a safe and secure way. The main advantage of low orbit satellites is the speed. The time needed for data to be sent and returned is shorter than satellites further out. Other benefits include low cost and overall greater global connectivity.

At Interface Technologies, servicing remote clients comprises a large part of what we do. Our managed IT services portfolio fits right in with the business needs of a mining company that might have remote offices, mining locations and workers. We’ve been the backbone of several mining and exploration companies for years and have witnessed some these companies grow exponentially with us behind them. We can help traverse the geographical challenges a mining company faces and make long distances seem a lot shorter.

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