Exchange and Mail Services

Hosted Exchange

Interface Technologies provides secure off-site Exchange hosting for corporate email. With Exchange hosting, our clients are able to access the full power and versatility of a Microsoft Exchange server at a fraction of the cost associated with managing the same email system internally. Additionally, clients benefit from the reliability that comes from having email hosted on servers located within Interface Technologies’ data management centre. We are able to directly monitor the status of your email systems and take proactive steps to keep it functioning at peak performance. Our centrally managed Exchange servers feature real-time data replication and redundant internet connections, which ensure that you will not lose the ability to access your email. If your business is subject to regulation, Exchange hosting with Interface Technologies is the ideal way to safeguard the integrity of your records and meet even the most stringent compliance requirements.

Email Archiving

Through our partnership with Microsoft 365 as well as Global Relay, we offer enterprise-level end-to-end archiving services to ensure that all metadata captured in e-mail, IM, social media and mobile messaging from every user, past or current, is safely stored for eDiscovery, retention, retrieval and compliance capabilities.
This is especially beneficial to our clients in the Financial and Legal industries; but can be of great advantage to all of our clients, regardless of their industry.

Hosted Exchange Features

  • Email Addresses
  • Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 and Web Access
  • Calendar Sharing and Delegation
  • Contact Sharing / Global Address Lists
  • Server-Level AntiVirus/AntiSpam
  • Public Folder Support
  • Redundant Infrastructure
  • Collocated Data Centre
  • Active Monitoring of Network/Server Status
  • Access to Help Desk
  • Option: Unlimited Mail Box Size
  • Option: Email Archiving

Benefits of Hosting Exchange Services

  • Interface’s Hosted Exchange allows organizations to obtain all the benefits of enterprise-level email and collaboration at a low cost, and without any new hardware or software to manage.
  • Access your enterprise emails just as you would in your office, from anywhere in the world.
  • Manage your own account on Interface’s web portal.
  • Access to full IT support.
  • Users connect to Exchange servers managed in Interface Technologies’ data centre, which provides secure, redundant and high-availability email service for Outlook email and Blackberry devices.
  • Hosted Exchange offers numerous benefits over internally managed email, including greater reliability, wireless functionality and rapid scalability
  • When you consider all the costs and risks associated with managing an email infrastructure, from hardware and software, to staff training, upgrades, and potential downtime, the advantages of a hosted Exchange solution become clear.

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