Server Colocation

A physical server requires a certain environment to perform optimally and remain stable and reliable. Your company might not be best served by an on-site server that lives in a dust closet without proper cooling and power backup. Clients can leverage our data centre for their servers, telecom equipment or other hardware. Our data centre utilizes redundant power generation, has super fast internet connections and local UPS systems on each rack to ensure maximum uptime for these critical assets. Colocated servers are hosted in a discrete space within our data centre located at 151 Front Street, Toronto, Ontario, where they can be accessed only by authorized personnel.

Fully Managed Services

Our fully managed services provide hosting clients with the highest possible level of service and support for their servers and data. By hosting servers with Interface Technologies, clients are able to leave the day-to-day administration, maintenance and upgrading of server hardware and software to Interface’s trained and dedicated professionals. Our team monitors server status and connectivity in real-time within our Network Operations Centre and will respond rapidly to resolve any problems and prevent possible downtime. Interface Technologies also couples Managed Services with its on-site and remote IT services; this helps clients achieve a worry-free IT environment at every level of operation.

Data Storage

Colocated and managed servers have the option to access Interface Technologies’ mass data storage infrastructure, allowing for virtually unlimited storage of data assets in a highly secure and fully redundant environment. Interface Technologies utilizes a system to deliver extremely secure, reliable and integral data storage.

Our cloud servers are hosted at 151 Front Street in Toronto, Ontario

Building Features

Fiber Connectivity

151 Front Street West features more than 25 diverse fibre optic points of entry (POE) into the building, offering tenants pathway diversity and total flexibility in terms of service providers. Tts location, near the rail lines, a major right-of-way for the national fibre optic loops, further enhances access to national networks.

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