About Interface Technologies

We are an IT Outsourcing firm located in Downtown Toronto

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Interface Technologies started out as a network card manufacturer in the 80s — it was great — we sold them faster than we could make them. There was an issue though, nobody was around to support the cards we made, so we started supporting the cards ourselves. As technology grew and network cards became ubiquitous and built into devices, we transitioned into becoming a full Managed Services Provider — as we stand today.

Things we believe in

  • No contracts. We believe in earning your business even after the papers are signed. There’s nothing keeping you as a client from staying with us other than you knowing we’re the best IT Service providers out there.
  • Keeping it simple. We provide pretty much everything a company could require with technology. From basics such as business internet to large multi-server environments, we want to be the one phone number you call when problems come up.
  • Transparency. No hidden fees, no hidden advice, we give you what we promise the first time.

Reasons to work with us

Our One Hour Rescue Guarantee means we’ll  have a technician working on your issue right away. Our location lets us respond, fast.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction. We don’t rely on contracts to keep your business, we have to be on top of our game if we want you to stay with us.

We’ve found the formula for success in the world of IT Services with 30 years of experience and by serving hundreds of clients in the city.

No hidden fees and simple quoting. We tell you how much it will cost to meet your needs and we’ll stick to our word. No one likes surprises.

Our cloud servers are here in Toronto! Get the benefits of cloud services while achieving maximum speed because of the proximity of our servers to your office.

Get all your IT services under one roof. Who wants to chase multiple vendors when with Interface, you get one number to call for anything IT and Telecom related.

We will ensure your data is secure. Remote backups, firewalls and network monitoring mean that you can have peace of mind that nothing will get lost or stolen.

None of our services are pre-packaged. We design custom solutions based on your business’ specific needs. Get exactly what you need and want. Why compromise?

Our industry experience

We service any and all industries, but there are a few we have a lot of experience with. If your business is in one of these industries, you should definitely contact us.