Fibre Internet Connection Cyber Security

Cyber Security: it’s in every Fibre of our being.

That’s why we’re here – to help you identify the potential risks, and eliminate them; before it’s too late. Cyber Security is one of the most important aspects of modern day business operation.

Protect Your Business

Information Technology opens up new ways for firms to do business. Along with these advantages come new challenges; when it comes to cyber security, they come in the form of security threats. To meet these challenges, businesses must take an aggressive and comprehensive approach to protecting their assets.

Today’s IT landscape is a treacherous environment. From nuisances like spam, Spyware, and Adware, to potentially crippling attacks from viruses, worms, and hackers; threats emanate from all levels of the IT infrastructure. Without adequate security measures, businesses are left at risk of data and performance loss. They also risk exposure of sensitive materials and reductions in quality of service that can cost millions. Interface Technologies can address all these potential risks to safeguard your firm and its critical systems. We aim to protect you from the ever-expanding list of security challenges your business faces.

Secured Internet Connection

Unlike other Internet Service Providers, your line to the internet is dedicated to you.  The modem in your office has a direct connection to our internet service, and is not shared with any other tenant in your building.  If you want a wireless connection, we can configure it to recognize only the devices within your office space. This will prevent unauthorized users from accessing your WiFi, ultimately improving your cyber security.

Firewall Management

Interface Technologies’ cyber security experts will oversee the complete installation and maintenance of your network firewall. In addition to upgrading existing firewalls, we can develop and install a range of new firewall systems using custom built components. Interface will analyze your company’s needs and its network, implementing a solution that is appropriate to both your security needs and your budget.

IT Security Audits

The constant monitoring and updating of computer systems security breaches is a labour-intensive task; which many small and mid-sized businesses simply can’t afford. A network that is clean and protected against attack, intrusion or infection by viruses and worms one day may not stay that way for long. Gaps in the cyber security structures of a company’s network may appear unexpectedly and remain unnoticed.

Our Network security services specialists can eliminate these risks by performing Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT). We conduct a full cyber security audit of your IT systems, locating and eliminating potential threats to the integrity of your corporate network, and computer systems, before they become a problem. Interface’s cyber security specialists will identify any vulnerability in your systems and network – both internal and external – and present a comprehensive analysis of your network’s cyber security.