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How To Protect Your Canadian Business From Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks are cyberware invasions in which malicious actors encrypt or block access to a victim’s computer system or data. Their objective is to demand a ransom in exchange for restoring admin capabilities. These malware typically enter a system through infected email attachments, malicious downloads, or network security vulnerabilities. Cyberattacks can inflict serious harm on …

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Is it time for an IT audit?

The reality is that the cost of doing yearly IT audits is less than the cost of not conducting them. According to Mastercard, the average cost to Canadian companies of a data breach is $5.64 million. The cost of downtime to Canadian business IT systems can run in the $100,000s. This doesn’t even include the long-term effect to your business’s reputation. 

What To Look For When You Need IT Consulting

The rapidly evolving technological landscape has presented businesses with challenges and opportunities regarding IT infrastructure management. Whether companies require cybersecurity, software development, or data management assistance, seeking the right consulting services can provide the necessary solutions. With many options available, knowing what to look for when choosing a partner is crucial. By evaluating various aspects, …

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How To Find the Right IT Support in Canada

Companies of all sizes require a dependable IT infrastructure and support to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving technological landscape. It is particularly critical given the increasing frequency of cybersecurity threats and hardware and software issues. Therefore, finding the right support and service provider is crucial for businesses to prevent costly downtime and safeguard their sensitive data.


How To Choose the Right Business VoIP Service in Canada

Effective communication is essential for any business to succeed today. As such, many Canadian companies turn to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone services. Businesses want to streamline communication processes and take advantage of advanced features unavailable with traditional services. Additionally, VoIP services are scalable, allowing companies to adapt easily to their evolving needs.