Is your organization backed up?

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A robust plan will protect your business

Every business needs a comprehensive defence in depth or multi-layer strategy to protect its system and network from the myriad of cyber threats. 85.7% of Canadian companies experienced at least one cyber attack in 2021 – the question is not if your company will be targeted but when — and is it prepared.

Developing and implementing a backup plan has to be one of the first steps your organization looks at when creating a cyber security strategy. There are three main types of backups and three options for saving your backups:

Full backup – exactly as it sounds, a full backup saves all of your data. While this is the most expensive and time consuming, it’s often advised before system upgrades, hardware changes or even just periodically

Differential – a differential backup saves only the data that has changed since the last backup

Incremental – only saves data that has changed since your last backup and stores it in a separate volume. Restoring your data from increment backups can be time consuming as the data has to be restored one increment at a time.

Online backups – backups that are stored within your organization’s physical space which makes it easy to access but vulnerable to data loss if your network goes down or ransomware if your network is compromised

Offline backups – stored offline and in a different physical location – completely disconnected from your organization’s network. More difficult and time consuming to access but much safer from ransomware or network issues.

Cloud backups – stored on a cloud platform, often administered and serviced by a cloud service provider. Your backups are encrypted and easily accessible anywhere through your service provider’s server.

In today’s cybersecurity environment it’s recommended to have multiple backups in multiple locations – at least one on a cloud server and at least one full, offline backup. The offline backup needs to be completely disconnected from your active network.

Don’t be intimidated or overwhelmed by the prospect of implementing a robust backup plan for your organization. Interface Technologies will cost-effectively and securely backup your data in one of the most secure data centres in North America, located at 151 Front St. W. in downtown Toronto. Our backup system is intuitive so all of your staff can access it easily, we’ll only bill you for the data you backup and we will work with you to ensure that you’re getting what you need, no more and no less. We can also help you set up a secure, off line backup solution for that extra piece of mind.

Contact us to learn more about our secure and cost-effective backup solutions, or by calling 416-363-9880.

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